Horario Dow AgroSciences CAAPAS Actividades paralelas
09:00 a 10:00   Workshop 3  
10:00 a 11:00   Water efficiency and management in Conservation Agriculture Open machinery park workshop (english)
11:00 a 11:30 Break Break Break
11:30 a 12:30   World initiatives for sustainable agriculture Poster Viewing
12:30 a 14:00 Almuerzo Almuerzo Almuerzo
14:00 a 15:00 When, where, and how does conservation agriculture mitigate climate change and improve food production? Workshop 4  
15:00 a 16:00 Integrating cover crops in agricultural production systems Workshop 5 Open machinery park workshop (in spanish)
16:00 a 16:30 Break Break Break
17:00 a 18:30   Panel: the role of certifications in agriculture. Demand, trazability and sustainability.