Horario Dow AgroSciences CAAPAS Actividades paralelas
09:00 a 10:00   What Changes in Rice Cultivation are on the Horizon?  
10:00 a 11:00   The vision of pioneers on conservation agriculture: Past, present and future challenges.  
11:00 a 11:30 Break Break Break
11:30 a 12:30   Agriculture at cross roads Open machinery park workshop (in spanish)
12:30 a 13:30   Machineries for conservation agriculture: large, middle and small farms. Poster Viewing
13:30 a 15:00 Almuerzo Almuerzo Almuerzo
15:00 a 16:00   Dinamic of organic matter and soil biology in soils under conservation agriculture  
16:00 a 17:00   How climate-smart is conservation agriculture – Christian Lutz Thierfelder (CIMMYT-Zimbabwe) + Emerging agricultural biotechnologies for sustainable agriculture and food security – Jim Gaffney Open machinery park workshop (english)
17:00 a 17:30  Break Break  Break
17:30 a 18:30   Green founds + How could I substantially increase food production on my farm by integrating livestock and conservation agriculture / No-till