Extension of the deadline for registration and payment of the fee until 05/07 for authors with abstracts as poster presentation.

The rules:
– Who paid the fee until the deadline, will have the abstract published and will do the poster presentation in the congress.
– Who paid the fee after the deadline, can do presentation if there is space available and will not have the abstract published in the congress proceedings.
– Who didn’t pay the fee, neither will have the abstract published nor will present the poster in the congress.

-Use the congress tamplate – Download here
-Meassures: 120 cm length x 90 cm width
-The posters will be glued

You can download here the complete list of winning papers

Título Autor
Promoting smallholder adoption of CA through mechanization services Brian Sims;Jennifer Heney
Integrated Nutrient Management Can Sustain Conservation Agriculture in southern Africa Malobane, M.E;Nciizah A.D.;Wakindiki, I.I.C
Adoption vs. utilisation: broadening our understanding of the uptake of Conservation Agriculture in Eastern and Southern Africa Brendan Brown;Ian Nuberg;Rick Llewellyn
Impact of conservation agriculture on crop productivity, soil aggregation and aggregate-associated nitrogen in cereal-based rotations of India Seema Sepat;TK Das
Adoption and Impact of Resource Conservation Technologies in Wheat Production – Evidence from Haryana for Upscaling Anuj Kumar;Randhir Singh;Satyavir Singh;Sendhil, R.;JK Pandey
Soil C sequestration and CO2 fluxes under maize-based conservation agriculture systems in Eastern Cape, South Africa Lindah Muzangwa;Pearson N S Mnkeni ;Cornelius Chiduza ;Diane E Stott
India Farming need Radical Change through C.A. for increased Food Production and to provide Nutritive Food. Prof. (Dr) R.P. Singh
Agrobiodiversity enhancement to tackle climate change challenges in Northern Italy Mauro Piazzi;Stefano Brenna
Documenting the Evolution of Agricultural Chemical Use under Zero-Tillage/Conservation AgrIculture in tropical Brazil John N. Landers;Romero Bernardes;Antonio Carlos Bernardes
TOPPS PROJECT: Conservation Agriculture to reduce water pollution by pesticides J. Román-Vázquez;E. J. González-Sánchez;A. Miranda-Fuentes;G.L. Blanco-Roldan;F. Márquez-García;J.A. Gil-Ribes
European Index for Sustainable and Productive Agriculture E.J. González-Sánchez;M. Gómez-Ariza;G. Rass;S. Gardette;G. Whitmore;J. Dyson;A. Beadle;P. Triviño-Tarradas
Mitigation of Climate Change through Conservation Agriculture in Europe G. Basch;E.J. González-Sánchez;. Gil-Ribes;R. Ordóñez-Fernández;O. Veroz-González;P. Triviño-Tarradas;R. Carbonell-Bojollo;F. Márquez-García;M. Gómez-Ariza;A. Holgado-Cabrera;M. Moreno-García
Blade specifications for strip-tillage on excessively moist clay soils in southern Bangladesh Md Abdul Matin;Timothy J Krupnik;Md Israil Hossain;Mahesh K Gathala
PEANUT POD YIELD AND SOIL COMPACTION IN BRAZILIAN CONSERVATION AGRICULTURE SYSTEMS Denizart Bolonhezi;Larissa Morais da Silva Ambrosio;Rhanyel Tritula Barini;Venâncio Betiol;Leonardo Henrique de Oliveira Gonçalves;José Roberto Scarpellini;Antonio Cesar Bolonhezi
Impact of crop residues localization on organic carbon sequestration:experimentation and modeling Mohamed Annabi;Haithem Bahri;Hatem Cheikh M’Hamed;Amir Souissi;Haifa Heni;Roukaya Chibani
Microstructure of pampean soilscultivated under no-till. The battle between biology and machines Morrás, H.;Kraemer, F.;Bonel, B.;Alvarez, C. ;Fernández, P.;Castiglioni, M.;Bressan, E.;Taboada, M.;Moretti, L.;Favret, E.
Global Spread of Conservation Agriculture: 2015/16 Update Amir Kassam;Theodor Friedrich;Rolf Derpsch
BIOLOGICAL ATTRIBUTES IN AREAS COMPARING NO-TILL SYSTEM, CONVENTIONAL SYSTEM AND NATIVE FOREST Amanda Letícia Pit Nunes;Ana Carolina Polinarski Coqueiro;Adriana Pereira da Silva;Beatriz Larissa de Souza;Tatiane Gorte;Caroline Laurini Tonetti;Guilherme Cardoso;Herlon Sérgio Naldony;Hudson Carlos Lissoni Leandro;Jeankleber Bortoluzzi;Cassio Wandscheer;George Garner Brown;Alessandra Santos;Marie Luise Caroline Bartz;Ricardo Ralisch
Conservation Agriculture in Turkey: a holistic approach to Sustainable Land Management and Climate-Smart Agriculture and Ecosystems Adaptation Hafiz Muminjanov;Fatih Bozdemir;Emilio J. Gonzalez-Sanchez
SOIL QUALITY AND EARTHWORM POPULATION: A CORRELATION WITH A NO-TILL QUALITY INDEX Tatiane Gorte;Alessandra Santos;Caroline L. Tonetti;Guilherme B. X. Cardoso;Herlon Nadolny;Ricardo Ralisch;Amanda L. P. Nunes;Ana Carolina P. Coqueiro;Maely K. Santos;Beatriz Larissa;Hudson C. L. Leandro;Jeankleber Bortoluzzi;Cassio A. R. Wandscheer;George G. Brown;Marie L. C. Bartz
Economic and Social aspects of Conservation Agriculture adoption in Uzbekistan Anna BRONZES;Alim PULATOV ;Alisher SHUKUROV;Ekko van IRELAND