Time TEXARO Rizobacter 7WCCA – Bolsa de Comercio de Rosario Side activities CQ1 – Clearfield plus 
14:00 a 15:00 Opening session of 7 WCCA & XXV Aapresid Congress. – Julio Berdegue (FAO) – Pedro Vigneau (Aapresid) – Miguel Carballal (CAAPAS) -Monica Fein (Mayor of Rosario) – Miguel Lifchitz (Governor of Santa Fe) – Ricardo Buryaile (Argentina Ministry of Agriculture)        
15:00 a 16   Conservation Agriculture in Turkey: a holistic approach to Sustainable Land, Management and Climate Smart Agriculture and Ecosystems Adaptation – H. Muminjanov Agronomic improvements can make future cereal systems in South Asia far more productive and result in a lower environmental footprint -Y. Saharawat Adoption vs. utilisation: broadening our understanding of the uptake of Conservation Agriculture in Eastern and Southern Africa – B. Brown The Farm in Numbers Benchmarking as a tool for improved performance in Conservation Agriculture/Zero Tillage systems in Tropical Brazil – J. Landers    
16:00 a 17:00 Break  Break Break Break  Break
17:00 a 18:30 Risk management in agricultural companies * – S. Occhiuzzi; C. Comas; J. Caniggia   Cross Learnings from Public Policies to promote CA across different continents -R. Paroda; G. Rass; T. Goddard; M. Hill; S. Mkomwa; A. Kassam