Information for exhibitors

The 7th World Congress on Conservation Agriculture will be held in Argentina next to the 25th Aapresid Annual Congress, in order to promote the sustainable productive strategy that is growing in the region.
On this occasion, the 7 WCCA will take place alongside the 25th Aapresid Congress, consolidated as the most important meeting of technological reference in the continent and recognized worldwide as a true network of updating, exchange and knowledge of advanced technologies.
For more information, you can download the Brochure of the 25th Aapresid Congress, which is addressed to companies that operate commercially in our territory.
If you are a foreign company that wants to join the 7WCCA all the necessary information can be downloaded in the 7th WCCA Brochure.

The Aapresid Congress has consolidated over 24 years as the country’s most important event in agriculture and a worldwide reference. Each year brings together the main personalities of the agricultural sector. In a series of master lectures, panels and thematic clinics, the event summons 5000 people each year in person and the same amount remotely, through the On-line live transmission, with participants not only from Argentina but from more than 20 countries.
By downloading this brochure you can obtain all the necessary information to evaluate the participation in the event.

The WCCA is held every three years in different locations around the world (Spain, Kenya, India, Australia, USA and Canada) and this year we are proud to shelter it in our region.
The objective is to ratify that agricultural production systems are not sustainable unless they are profitable and that Conservation agriculture is the key to the construction and maintenance of soil health and profitable agricultural systems.

Once defined the participation you can download the Regulation that contains all the necessary information so that each sponsor can adapt its participation to the general regulations arranged by the organizer.