Charlas y conferencias - 7°Congreso Mundial de Agricultura de Conservación

Compartimos algunos de los títulos de las charlas ya confirmadas para el 7WCCA. Muy pronto estará disponible el cronograma completo con todos los talleres, plenarias, disertantes y horarios.

  • Cross learnings from Public Policies to promote CA across different continents
  • Water efficiency and management in Conservation Agriculture
  • Global initiatives for sustainable agriculture: CSA, GSP, Desertification, water, triple A, 4/1000
  • Green house gas balance and yield – trade-offs or triple win?
  • Panel: the role of certifications in agriculture. Demand, traceability and sustainability.
  • The vision of pioneers on conservation agriculture: Past, present and future challenges.
  • Machineries for conservation agriculture: large, middle and small farms.
  • Dynamic of organic matter and soil biology in soils under conservation agriculture
  • Agriculture at cross roads
  • Green founds and financing opportunities
  • How could I substantially increase food production on my farm by integrating livestock and conservation agriculture / No-till
  • Conservation agriculture and Climate Smart Agriculture: Learning’s from South Asia
  • Conservation agriculture in rice based systems of Asia
  • Panel: Food Security + Climate Change + Resilience + SDG

Special workshops on high tech machinery for conservation agriculture (CA), rounds with local specialist hands on real machinery.

Field round trips: farms under long term CA for watch, learn and exchange with conservation agriculture farmers.

Scientific posters to show the last developments and innovations on CA and opportunity to interact with highest academia referents.